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    Hello everyone and welcome to my website homepage !
    I am very happy to welcome you and wish to take you through my tender musical world.

    But who is Sandrine Gameiro ?

    Singer-songwriter, composer and interpreter of Portuguese origin.
    You can discover my musical career under the category biography.

    By clicking on the video and newspaper release tabs movies and newspaper I will reveal just how romantic I am, as well as being soft-spoken, passionate, shy, independent, bubbly, amusing, friendly, cheerful, gentle, uncharacteristic, energetic, uncompromising, emotional, dynamic, perfectionist, a little stubborn, very obstinate, determined, strong and fragile.

    Endowed with a positive attitude, I am very optimistic, idealistic, and sometimes even naive and ingenious.
    Generous, affectionate, friendly, mischievous, ambitious, charming, sensual, feminine, and also a little wild, I don’t take myself seriously except when needed.

    My photos page will show you that I am petite but my newspaper release will reveal how big a heart and soul I have.

    To finish, I am an artist with a strong focus on hypersensitivity.
    In short…people say that I’m very endearing.

    Come and experience my artistic world, my private life, my joys, wounds, my unique view of the world, what touches me through my jazzy toned songs with a strong emphasis on bossa nova.

    In the lyrics and discography tab, you will be able to listen to extracts of my first album, and identify a deep, soft, warm and also light voice that radiates a lot of tenderness and sincerity. You can also discover my songs, interviews and artistic encounters; from parodies on the radio programme 6-9 on NRJ to my debut album “En équilibre” through movies.

    My first piece of work was self-produced in 2007 and is sold on my official shop on this site ; available for downloading and physically.

    Feel free to sign my visitors’ book if you identify with my artistic world.

    Follow me in this unique atmosphere and mesmerizing sounds !

    I’m looking forward to you joining me quickly !

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    Sandrine Gameiro's Shop
    Sandrine Gameiro’s Shop